Welcome to the
Global Air Forces.

Getting Started

Upon successful application, you will conduct a short Initial Flying Training (IFT) Program. This will introduce you to our Career Mode, the correct use of Discord for In-flight communications and how our Crew Center works. Whilst not an examination, you will need to provide the replays of your IFT missions so that Instructors may provide feedback on any areas they may feel require some improvement. Provision of a replay also validates your flight.

Your first tour of duty

Upon graduation from IFT, you will be assigned to your first frontline unit. This will be based upon your Timezone and Aircraft choice. For example, a preference of C17A and a timezone of GMT+2 will see you assigned to the EAF Globemaster Force based at RAF Brize Norton in the U.K. A full list of our fleet and Main Operating Bases is available on their respective pages.


As you get used to operating your primary aircraft, you will become eligable for cross-training on another aircraft type. There is no limit to the total number of certifications you can achieve, but you must meet the flying hours requirements for your next certification - see Ranks for more information. Those who show leadership potential on top of high airmanship standards may be selected to command a Squadron. This will put you in charge of a small group of Pilots, and will allow you to contribute further to the future and current operations that GAF runs. Further development may see you become Executive Staff, making critical decisions that impact the whole VO.

We hope you enjoy and embrace your Virtual Career with us here at Global Air Forces.